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Our apartments are located in two bulidings which are staying next to each other:

In building "A" are the restaurant and 6 apartments,which are able to give place for 2 or 2+2 persons.These are not equipped with kitchen,consist of 2 separated area (living room with frigider,bedroom,shower,wc).Exept of one apartment,all is equipped with balcony.You can find them 5 meters from the wellness department (only you have to walk across the yard)

In Building "B" there can be found the wellness department and other 13 apartments,which are able to give place for 2 or 2+2 persons.In these rooms the living room and the bedroom are in one area,not separately.They are equipped with kitchen,shower,wc.A balcony belongs to all of them.

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Főnix Clubhotel & Wellness

Cím: 8380 Hévíz, Dr. Babócsay street 54., Hungary
Telefon: +36 83/340-867
Mobil: +36 30/7690-400
E-mail: fonixclub.hotel@gmail.com

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